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Building Inspector services are offered by David Anderson.

He is well versed in all aspects of building codes and safety. Specifically in California, Texas, and Arizona.

His knowledge spans across multiple construction types, to include, residential, commercial, school campuses, manufacturing facilities, and city and state infrastructure.

Whether it’s hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, or high-wind storms, most of us live in an area that is subject to at least one of these natural disasters. Additionally, with natural disasters predicted to be on the rise, protecting yourself and others only makes sense. That starts with the structures we live in and frequent.

Communities and Infrastructure

All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from structural collapse. Code Officials are some of our unsung heroes. For instance, they regularly work, day in and day out, to keep the public safe. Regularly, without fanfare.

Certainly, we can avoid tragedies like the one in Surfside, Florida. All buildings and structures should go through regular inspections, conducted by qualified inspectors. Furthermore, it is then the responsibility of the structure owner to correct any issues the inspector may find. Sadly, incidents like this reinforce the need to globally adopt modern, regularly updated building codes, strong and efficient systems of code enforcement, by a well-trained professional workforce.

David is available for commercial and private inspections. Most importantly, his expertise and knowledge of building codes will give you invaluable information. Subsequently, it is information that can save lives.

Moreover, ignoring structural issues always leads to more costly resolutions. David will make sure you know what you are dealing with and can offer sound advice as to corrective measures, should there be an issue.

Lastly, hiring David as your Building Inspector is one of the smartest moves you will make in the investment of your home or business.

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  • California Code
    • SB326 – Civil Code Section 5551
    • SB721 – Civil Code Section 17973