Horseshoe Bay Builder

Horseshoe Bay Builder

Due to the buzz surrounding my current projects, some of you recent followers may be getting to know me as the Horseshoe Bay Builder! Right now, I’m working on two beautiful designs on Ram Rock Golf Course lots and one interior lot. They will be starting soon and move-in ready with my signature building techniques woven through every room, which is what I’d like to talk about today.

The Anderson Construction Group, Inc. style is upscale and spacious while being eco-friendly and easy on the energy budget. We use the finer principles of home orientation to plan the layout. As such, rooms are distributed based on available tree cover and the daily/annual path of the sun. This is one of the primary ways we keep costs down for the consumer. Natural heating and cooling costs a whole lot less than anything man made!

Concurrently, you’ll find special care taken in the insulation of the homes. It’s easy to throw some insulation in the outer walls and call it good, but that’s the story of cookie-cutter, quick-build suburban homes. We all know how well those hold temperature! Adding insulation to interior walls and open cell or closed cell spray foam at rafters and exterior walls is what it takes to keep those bills down, and is another hallmark of an Anderson Construction Group build.

Elegance by Anderson Construction Group, Inc.

Additionally, part of what makes our homes look so elegant is choice of materials. You’ll find stonework, granite and quartz, giving a sense of both depth and flair. Floors are largely premium vinyl and tile. Many people don’t know the full scope of vinyl flooring, and have only seen the cheap stuff or the cheap stuff made to look like it’s not the cheap stuff. Which, we all know, comes out looking more like the cheap stuff than not. The full range of vinyl flooring is incredible, and the higher-end versions are extremely water resistant, incredibly durable, and fit perfectly into upscale design schemes.

These are some examples of how we like to build homes here at Anderson Construction Group. Stylish, yet quite functional! You can learn more about the principles we work from and how we approach material choice in the rest of our blog. Our absolute favorite jobs are with clients who share these values, and want them applied in creative, custom ways.

Our Horseshoe Bay lots and homes for sale:

W28081 Rabbit Ridge Golf course lot

W25051 Buckeye

W7003 Silver Hill

Steve Butler is the realtor for these homes! He’ll be happy to answer questions about their purchase and location, just as I’ll be happy to answer any technical questions about their building.

Please reach out to get started with us on YOUR custom dream home!

Prepare Your Home For A Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Home For A Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

As we’ve seen with hurricanes, freezes, and fires in recent years, homes are not always built to withstand a major catastrophe. 

Prepare Your Home for a Natural DisasterPrepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. Homes and buildings were severely damaged, if not destroyed. Thousands of families were displaced. It takes years for communities to rebuild and recover from such devastation.

Prepare your home for a freeze.Prepare Your Home to Withstand Extended Freezes

The freezes across Texas in 2021 left thousands without electricity, water, and food for weeks. Lives were lost due to lack of services. 

You should ask… is depending on others to take care of you in an emergency is the best option?

Build Your Home To WIth stand FirePrepare Your Home to Withstand Fire

Fires across Colorado and California have devastated communities. These communities will have to rebuild from the ground up… could we create communities that can better withstand fire and other disasters?

Certainly, by now we realize that we must.

Build A Better Home

There are solutions that can help protect your home from natural disasters and fire. Building your home to meet and exceed code requirements can have a significant impact on whether your home withstands the next big storm, freeze, or fire.

Many parts of the country follow the International Building Code, which establishes and governs design standards for new home construction. If properly enforced, these codes help strengthen homes and protect them from all sorts of potential damage.

There are further steps you can take to build a stronger and safer home. Now more than ever we realize this is the most optimal solution. Home has never been as important as it is now.

We invite you to learn more about disasters in your area and how they could affect your home. It is an excellent time to learn what you can do to increase your home’s disaster resistance. We strongly encourage starting with the home site’s natural resources.

Lastly, we have decades of experience in building homes that better withstand natural disasters. David Anderson is also available for Consultations and Inspections by appointment.

Infrastructure and Building Safety

Building Inspections by David Anderson

Infrastructure and Building Safety is such an important topic. In April of 2021 President Biden proclaimed the month to be “Building Safety Month”. 

The significance of maintaining and upgrading our building infrastructure was recognized. 

2021 brought on crisis after crisis. The catastrophic freeze in Texas, the condo collapse in Florida, and the devastating fires in California… the hits kept coming. 

These moments taught us all, as a nation, how very important our home and its safety is. We can no longer ignore our infrastructure and building safety.

Thus, it caused many rethink how and even where they live. 

Sustainable features saw record highs in sales including water collection systems, and solar power. Features that previously may have seemed extravagant or unneeded, suddenly became a way to stay alive. Some were previously prepared while others weren’t. 

We have long believed in and practiced sustainable building. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Both of these items are at the very core of what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being comfortably elegant sustainable custom builders.

Our founder has an extensive background in building and construction safety. You can learn more about David Anderson by clicking here. Click Here

Lastly, you can read about Building Safety Month here. Click Here

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