Best Custom Home Builders

Best Custom Home Builders

Best Custom Home Builders

No one sets out to create their luxurious dream home looking for an average home builder. You want to make sure you have the best person for the job. This leads to a common wonder- what separates the best custom home builders from the rest?

There are a thousand blogs out there with all sorts of ideas about what makes the best, well, the best. Additionally, I have my two cents to throw in. I think it boils down to three things, and the rest can be sorted out from there.

First is experience. Now, I’m not saying that an inexperienced builder can’t make a “best” house. Not by a long shot! However, for a consumer looking for the best custom home builder, it’s going to be a huge gamble to choose someone who’s still pretty green. Try to find a builder with an experience and education list that looks like the bottom of this page. With this, you can be much more sure of the quality of work you’ll be getting.

Next, you’ll want to see a builder’s portfolio. All the experience in the world stops mattering if their style simply opposes yours. This is entirely subjective, so think hard on what you want before beginning this stage. 

Additional Thoughts

Last, if all else looks good, can they keep quality while saving you money? This is huge for separating out the best custom home builders. Essentially, this step shows how clever a builder is with resources, how intimately they know the craft, and whether or not they’re looking out for YOUR best interests.

This can show itself in proposed material choice and other up front logistical decisions. Watch for the long-term savings though! There is much a builder can do to set up for energy efficiency that will save you big bucks over time. Many of these things are incredibly simple and inexpensive to do, so make sure their plans include some intentional longevity. 

With all of these criteria met, you can be sure you’ve found the best custom home builder for the job.

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