Luxury Bathroom Building Tips

luxury bathroom by Anderson Construction Group Inc

I’ve heard from some folks along the way, “Is a luxury bathroom really worth it?” I’ll set the stage: it’s a chilly fall day, and you’re up early. You wrangle the kids out the door (late), pausing only to clean their cereal milk off every surface in the kitchen. It’s not until wiping lunch’s mess from your sleeve that you see the milk splashed across your sweater! Errands are chaos, and home is only louder, and with smaller people. You drop your soiled sweater in your room and fall through the bathroom door into…

An oasis. 

It’s calm, and quiet. The order and simplicity stand in such stark contrast to your messy day that for a moment, you can’t remember what was so messy. 

That moment (plus the one where you step into the custom-made shower with the water pressure to die for) is what makes a luxury bathroom so incredibly worth it.

As you make each of the countless decisions that shape YOUR oasis, picture what you did just there; imagine you’ve had that day, and design what you see as you fall through that bathroom door.

How does the floor feel under your feet? Choose the flooring that gives you that feeling! Is there light reflecting around the room? From what kind of fixture? You’ll want those, plus the mirrors, countertops, and cabinetry the light is bouncing off of. 

Not every luxury bathroom feature is so obviously visible.

If you’re picturing stepping out of the shower to comfortable warmth, you may want to consider underfloor heating or heat lamps. To really nail that oasis feeling, slightly soundproofed doors may keep the chaos at bay! However, with features like these, be sure to check with your contractor about proper ventilation and mildew-resistant finishes. 

There’s the key: to get your dream bathroom, walk through this exercise, take some notes, and share them! It’s not your job to know which features have what requirements. That takes education and experience. It’s your job to get the best bathroom possible, because let’s face it. There will always be another bowl of cereal coming your way! 

You deserve a refuge from the noise. Be prepared to build it in, and you can count on at least that moment of peace every single day.

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