It’s time to talk flooring. This can of worms awaits every home buyer, and ultimately brings the feel of a family into the house. There are so many possibilities, so many types to choose from! If you feel daunted by this task, this guide is for you. Let’s see what some of these options look like.

First, let’s go over the classic flooring choices, plus some newer, more eco-friendly alternatives!

Hardwood: durable, easy to clean, adds to home value, can be refinished, best in drier environments.

Carpet: inexpensive, relaxed feel, sound dampening, don’t forget the stain treatment!

Tile: moisture/stain resistant, easy to clean, more expensive.

Vinyl: extremely water resistant, can fit any design scheme, very durable, easy to install, affordable.

Engineered Hardwood: moisture resistant, can be refinished, looks like hardwood.

Bamboo: renewable material, durable, affordable, looks like hardwood.

Cork: renewable material, sound dampening, easy to clean, easily dented.

What To Do With All This Flooring?

Now, I’m sure you’ve picked up on some themes so far. Some materials are hardier, some more affordable, some more adaptable. With these ideas in mind, I want you to picture your home. Either the one you’re in, or your dream home, or both if you’re lucky! Pick a room, and picture what might happen there over the course of a day. Let’s start with the kitchen. 

Maybe you see yourself standing at the sink, splashing soapy water as you speed through the dishes. Perhaps your spouse is spilling a glass of wine as the dog runs to their food bowl. Do I hear the kids stomping through in yet another adventure for snacks?

As I list possibilities, I find that tile, vinyl, engineered hardwood, and bamboo are standing out most to me. Kitchen floors receive so much wear-and-tear through a day, you need a material that’s up to the task. From this short list, weigh your functional needs and design aesthetics, and the choice should become obvious!

Follow this exercise through your home. See what needs your rooms have, and don’t be afraid to mix and match to suit your family! There are many options when it comes to flooring. Don’t miss the opportunity to set up your home for success!

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