Rising Construction Costs And How To Beat Them

Rising Construction Costs And How To Beat Them

It’s true that rising construction costs deserve consideration when planning a new build. What’s NOT true is that they should stop you outright! We’re here to talk about ways you can cut costs on your new construction without sacrificing quality.

The primary costly areas to consider are materials and labor. These costs have increased 23.5% since the beginning of the pandemic, and a whopping 17.5% of that total came from 2020-2021. That’s the largest spike since 1970! However, watching the bottom line goes farther than simply shopping around for the cheapest wood and lowest quote.

Beating Rising Building Costs with the Right Materials

Material selection is huge in managing cost, as they dictate the amount of labor needed. For instance, stone siding is expensive, but not only because stone itself is pricy. Siding with stone is not a quick process, nor is it easy work. That’s going to add up to much more than, say, putting up some easy shiplap siding. 

Aesthetic value needs considered too! It is ok to want to cut costs and still have some design elements you wish to keep. That value is for you to weigh! You could even balance the amount of expensive materials. Love a stone finish? Split your exterior walls horizontally, and stone the bottom portion. That can keep cost down while keeping aesthetic up!

Don’t Forget to DIY

In any major build, you’ll need a professional for most of the work. However, if you talk to your builder about things you can do yourself, you might find some cost-cutting ways to be involved. For instance, when sourcing materials! Your builder can always get cheaper materials than you can from a store, and faster too. But, you can find recycled and up-cyclable materials while they’re working! Steel, wood, and concrete can all be recycled while holding great quality, and you can ask your builder about their experience and preferences as well. After all, the most important tip is to find a builder you can trust, and then:


If you come in with a loose (but well-thought-out plan), communicate with your builder, and trust what they know, you’re well on your way to getting your dream house exactly how you want it, rising construction costs or not.

These are just a few tips, but the list goes on. Comment below if you’d like to see a part two!
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