Infrastructure and Building Safety

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Infrastructure and Building Safety is such an important topic. In April of 2021 President Biden proclaimed the month to be “Building Safety Month”. 

The significance of maintaining and upgrading our building infrastructure was recognized. 

2021 brought on crisis after crisis. The catastrophic freeze in Texas, the condo collapse in Florida, and the devastating fires in California… the hits kept coming. 

These moments taught us all, as a nation, how very important our home and its safety is. We can no longer ignore our infrastructure and building safety.

Thus, it caused many rethink how and even where they live. 

Sustainable features saw record highs in sales including water collection systems, and solar power. Features that previously may have seemed extravagant or unneeded, suddenly became a way to stay alive. Some were previously prepared while others weren’t. 

We have long believed in and practiced sustainable building. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Both of these items are at the very core of what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being comfortably elegant sustainable custom builders.

Our founder has an extensive background in building and construction safety. You can learn more about David Anderson by clicking here. Click Here

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