Horseshoe Bay Golf Course

Horseshoe Bay Golf Course

Horseshoe Bay Golf Course

Let’s talk luxury in the Central Texas Hill Country. It’s hard to outdo the Horseshoe Bay Golf Course! After all, in a small resort town built entirely with relaxation in mind you’re bound to find some true comfort. Add a golf course setting and a home built with the signature stylings of Anderson Construction Group, and what do you get? Read on to find out:

W25051 Buckeye

W7003 Silver Hill

W28081 Rabbit Ridge

All three of these homes are being built as if they are custom homes for someone with quite fine taste. However, they’re available for purchase at any time! If you hurry, you can also customize what remains to be built! The Silver Hill is full of classic Anderson Construction Group features. Upscale materials, intentional use of environment for energy efficiency, insulation in all walls, and plenty more! 

Golf Course Homes

However, it’s the Buckeye and Rabbit Ridge homes we’d like to put a spotlight on today. While they’re also full of Anderson Construction Group’s hallmark specialty details, they have something else as well. Location on the Horseshoe Bay Golf Course! 

In a resort town such as Horseshoe Bay, relaxation is the clear goal. This is a Central Texas destination for vacation homes and the “forever homes” of sweet retirement. Now, within communities such as these, there are often two places you can look for the fullest version of the easy life. First, of course, is the waterfront. Second is (you guessed it) the golf course! 

These homes offer the pinnacle of luxury, and it’s a luxury that could be yours! That’s why I build these homes. You deserve to relax and enjoy the environment, all the while in a house that is respectful to the greater environment as well!

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Horseshoe Bay Homes For Sale

Horseshoe Bay Homes For Sale

Horseshoe Bay is, and has always been, built of luxury. It’s in the views of Lake LBJ, it’s in the building materials…hell, it’s in the water! Now a thriving resort town, it was only in 1971 that the founders began creating a paradise of this land. The work they did has paved, landscaped, and palm-tree-lined the way for thousands of tourists and residents alike to live the easy life in the Texas hill country! It’s no wonder you’ve always been able to find brand new homes for sale in Horseshoe Bay; it’s the place to be!

With a deep appreciation for luxury homes myself, I’m currently working on two homes for sale in Horseshoe Bay myself! As it is, I plan on building with a number of materials and concepts I consider standard. Specifically tankless water heaters, insulation in all interior walls, etc. There are so many small changes like these that can make all the difference to a home’s efficiency and sustainability. 

I’m publishing this blog in October 2022, and if you are able to purchase quickly, I’d be thrilled to work in all of your custom preferences that I can! 

Location, Location, Location

The first of the homes is located at W25051 Buckeye Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657. Coming in at spot number 4 of the Apple Rock Golf Course, this 3 bed/3 bath/3 car garage spec is being built as if it were a custom, so you’ll never feel like stuck in some cookie-cutter suburban home. Ideal for looking to spend a good amount of time relaxing at the club.

Next up, we have 806 Silver Hill, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657. This sits in the coveted Hi Fault/Silver Hill known for its stunning views of the Texas hill county. To truly enjoy that view, I’m including an outdoor kitchen with grill, sink, and refrigerator. This way, you and your guests can relax outside as long as you like.

Horseshoe Bay Homes For Sale
Horseshoe Bay Homes For Sale

Click those linked addresses to get in tough with Steve Butler, the realtor. Your very own Anderson Construction Group luxury home awaits you in Horseshoe Bay, along with a life of peace and comfort. Why wait? 

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